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Our movement is now looking for passionate affiliates that are eager to be a part of the worldwide launch of the book, The Equation. If you have or love global networking initiatives, we want to partner with you.

Through our company, you will receive our signature exclusive materials, such as: pictures and banners to share on social media sites, works of art created by world-class artists, flyers, postcards, and a personal web-page for you, created and paid for by the company. The Company has over 400,000 fanbase reach, and we will promote and market your affiliate link so you will reap greater profits and access a bigger customer base.

The pay structure is the first of its kind for an international book brand release, and allows you to receive money for each book you sell as well as commissions for each book that people you recruit sell. You will receive commission for every book you sell through the international online retailers: Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, and the Barnes and Noble store. Commission starts at 50%, with the rare opportunity to receive higher commissions when simple sales goals are met. You can then earn more commissions by recruiting additional partners, for which you will get substantial bonuses based on these new partner’s sales. You can recruit as many additional partners as you wish. The commission amounts add up extremely fast and can reach up to 74%, which makes it very simple to get paid a substantial amount each month by selling the Equation book worldwide.

Our Company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, but affiliate partners can perform from their location. We offer a very flexible time table; work as little or as much time as you can, whenever it is convenient for you. The structure is created so that the more time you put in and the harder you work, the more money you make.

Upon good performance and reaching goals, you will expand into more of Tarantin Entertainment LLC premium properties and profit from Books, Mobile Games, and high-end Merchandise.

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